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Is an extra in L’Arbre de Noël by Terence Young (released 1969-9-25 USA, -10-5 Italy, -10-10 France).

Is an extra in Les Femmes by Jean Aurel (released 1969-11-7 France).

[BuetJ] Lives alone in Paris. At the set of Les Femmes she meets Brigitte Bardot (who had worked with Daniel Gélin). Bardot takes care of Maria and gives her shelter in her house during the next two years.

Conflicting information? Or did she have two agents, or...

[Das] She takes William Morris (the agent of Bardot) as her agent.

[McLellan] Maria Schneider: “Warren Beatty, who was visiting Bardot's house, insisted his agent sign me up. He called William Morris and said, 'You might take this young actress, she's so incredible,' and I hadn't done anything!”

[Wikipedia F]: Olga Horstig-Primuz (born 1912 Belgrade) becomes her agent.

[BuetJ]: agent has yougoslav accent