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Release of Les jambes en l'air (aka. César Grandblaise) by Jean Dewever (released 1971-5-13 Italy, 1971 France).

Supporting role of Mome in La vieille fille by Jean-Pierre Blanc (released 1972-1-5 France).

1971-07 appearance in What a Flash! by Jean-Michel Barjol (filmed between July 2 and 5, 1971, released 1972-10-4 France). Published on Youtube 2016-3-9(2016-8-1, language: French; no subtitles; Maria Schneider can be seen between 24'55'' and 25'48'').

Screenshot of What a flash!, 1971

Supporting role of Nicole in Hellé by Roger Vadim (released 1972-5-3 or -10 France). Production year 1971 (see http://en.unifrance.org/movie/1704/helle). Published on Youtube 2015-01-31(2016-8-1, language: French; no subtitles; first appearance of Maria Schneider is at 44'20'').

Screeshot of Hellé, 1971, with Didier Haudepin