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1978-02-08 France: release of Voyage au jardin des morts by Philippe Garrel.

Main role of Suna in Io sono mia by Sofia Scandurra with Michele Placido (released 1978-06-19 Spain).

In Io sono mia, with Stefania Sandrelli (?)

Main role of Liliane in Een vrouw als Eva by Nouchka van Brakel (released 1979-01-25 The Netherlands).

Screenshot from Een vrouw als Eva, 1978,
Maria singing and playing the guitar

1978 spring: filming Weisse Reise (released 1980) [Courant]

[MvdVen]: Maria did not live very healthy in those days. She had to fight hard to overcome her alcohol and drugs addiction. She was lonely and dependent. I loved her, but she needed much attention.

1978-06 [Chtn] In june 1978, Paris Match recovered the hurt actress of Last Tango in Paris. Revolting against everything that she had fled from, she hid in the nordic forest of Sweden. Maria. Joan. There, 500 kilometers from Stockholm, 10 kilometers from the nearest village, in the middle of the most deserted provinces of the entire northern Europe, they came to find refuge. “Here you only hear birds. You think of nothing. Drinking tea, eating fruits. That is life. But I don’t know why I tell you that. I don’t have to defend myself. People can think of me what they like, that I am an outcast, a drug user, an untidy bitch, that I have a bad character. I don’t care...” She came to Sweden with a friend, Joan Anderson, internation photo-model. Joan is beautiful, soft. She is the wise elder sister.