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Main role of Raissa in Au pays des Juliets by Mehdi Charef (released 1992-6-17 France)

1992-05-10 press screening of the film Au pays des Juliets during the 45th Cannes International Film Festival.

With Laure Duthilleul and Claire Nebout
after the press screaning of Au pays des Juliets in Cannes

Role of Noria in Les Nuits fauves by Cyril Collard (released 1992-10-21 France).

[Soares]: over-the-top AIDS melodrama, winner of four Césars, including Best Film.

[Kraft]: a powerful French autobiographical film by Cyril Collard, who died of AIDS last March [1994]. Schneider plays a Moroccan psychic who appears to the HIV-infected man in a dream. She describes it as a "very small, very strong part."

The film was hailed by critics in France as a courageously honest portrait of a bisexual, 30-year-old man with AIDS who is torn between his love for a woman, 18-year-old Laura, and a man, 20-year-old Samy. French audiences were fascinated by Collard's willingness to portray himself as an egocentric character who slept with a young woman several times before telling her he carried the AIDS virus.

"I was touched by his true story," Schneider said. "It's quite admirable to be so honest. But I was quite depressed after seeing it. I guess I live in this very romantic world. I had no idea people could live like he did."

She considers Collard's film "a very interesting first effort," but she doesn't think it's a "masterwork. It would have been interesting to see what he would have done after that."