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2001-02 or -03 [Sull01] She watches Before Night Falls by Julian Schnabel (2000) and is very impressed. “I saw it privately, because I met Julian and he showed me the film three weeks ago and I think it's a beautiful film. Poetic, lyrical and it says something, but not heavily. Its very fine: I'm glad that there are still films like that today.”

2001-03 [Sull01] Maria Schneider was the Guest of Honor at the Créteil Films de Femmes International, March 23-April 2, 2001 and honored with a retrospective of her work.

2001-03 interview with Moira Sullivan [Sull01]
likes David Lynch’s Straight Story (1999)
is vice president of La roue tourne

2001-05 filming (role of the sister of Charlotte) of La Repentie by Laetitia Masson [Sull01] (released 2002-4-17)

With Isabelle Adjani in La Repentie, 2001

Interview with Buet en Jenny [BuetJ]:
she likes opera but not theatre
is ambassador of La roue tourne