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Appears in TV documentary Brando (released 2007-05 Cannes Film Festival).

Supporting role of Solange in La Clef by Guillaume Nicloux (released 2007-12-19 France).

As Solange in La Clef, 2007

2007-07-19 interview with Lina Das [Das]:

“However, I never went naked in a movie again after Last Tango.” [LdB: that is not correct]

“I watched Tango again three years ago after Marlon died and it seems kitsch.”

She is now in the organisation La Roue Tourne.

Schneider never married, nor did she have children. “It just wasn't in my destiny and I have no regrets,” she says, although she admits to a deep distrust of men. “Even before my experiences on Last Tango, I found it hard to trust men. I only met my father when I was 15 and all the role models in my family were women.”

2007-11-11 UK-release of The three Dumas by Gian Godoy (role of Marie Louise Dumas, [IMDb], [en.wikipedia]).