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Main role in Professione: reporter by Antonioni (released 1975-02-18 Italy, 1975-04 USA, 1975-05 France).

 In Professione Reporter / The Passenger, with Nicholson... ...and Antonioni and whom?

[BuetJ] From the beginning I was a fan of Antonioni. Blow up was a shock for the avait été un choc for filmlovers, Il deserto rosso, L’eclisse, and all the others. One of the magics of this profession is to meet someone who you admire and with whom you are going to work. That happens only once in ten years, but to get it is really fantastic. In addition, Michelangelo is director of women. He is a creator who loves sensibility, who loves women, and he will always remain a friend for me. He does not manipulate, he is a painter of cinema. ... Regarding Jack Nicholson, he is a competetive actor who is not very fond of actresses with whom he works. It was the first time he worked in Europe, so he sent for hamburgers from America. Also, since Antonioni doesn’t direct his actors (as opposed to René Clément, for instance), Jack was completely lost. He was used to making thirty rehearsals for going from one point to another. Typical for men from the Actors Sudio. In short, he suffered a lot, and maybe that’s why he bought the film rights. Yet, he didn’t have his usual kicks and for him, too, it is a beautiful film”.

The girl from Professione Reporter

[Wikipedia Eng] She came out as bisexual.

[Sull1103] Bertolucci fired her for 1900.

[IMDb MS] she hasn't talked to Bernardo Bertolucci since the shooting of Novecento (1976).

I doubt whether she was cast for Bertolucci’s Novecento, leave alone walked off or was fired. (The shooting was from May 1974 till September 1975, so a fire or walk off must have been in or before 1975.)