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Meets her future partner Pia. (Some sources have 'Almadio' as the family name of Pia. According to Moira Sullivan "Her partner goes by 'Pia', however her last name is not Almadio and that has circulated because of an Italian photographer and photo taken back in the 70s. I have tried to tell him it is not correct but he has not changed it.")

[Das] “I met someone in 1980 who helped me stop. I call this person my angel and we've been together ever since”.

Main role of Nancy Hawaii in comedy Mama Dracula by Boris Szulzinger (released 1980-11-19 France; Polanski’s vampire movie appeared in 1967).

As Nancy Hawaii in Mama Dracula, 1980

Role in Weisse Reise by Werner Schroeter (released 1981-02-06 Portugal).

1981-11-16 appears as guest in a talkshow on TV (France).