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[Sull01] ? member of jury in Sceaux, see Films de Femmes.

Main role of Elen in Sezona mira u Parizu by Predrag Golubovic (released 1981-07 Moscow film festival; 1982-08-26 DDR).

With Nicolic in Sezona mira u Parizu, 1981

Main role of Léo in Merry-Go-Round by Jacques Rivette (released 1981-10-01 BRD), published 2015-11- 17 by Mixxie Powers on Youtube, language French with English subtitles (visited 2016-08-22).

With Dallesandro in Merry-go-round, 1981

[DE]: ...but Maria (deep into drugs) often didn’t show up for filming at all.

Role in La chanson du mal aimé by Claude Weisz [Apollin] (released 1981; it is about the life of the poet Apollinaire).